New Mexico Attorney Advertising Rules

New Mexico Attorney Advertising Rules

Attorney Advertising Rules in New Mexico

In the digital age, the key to success for any law firm or business is having a robust online marketing campaign. Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. has years of experience taking attorneys and law firms to a level they never thought possible, and we know we have what it takes to do the same for you. That being said, the most important difference between marketing for law firms and marketing for other businesses is recognizing that there are certain guidelines set out by the Bar regarding what attorneys can and cannot do online, and our job is to ensure your website is always in compliance with the New Mexico Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. We take pride in helping our clients truly thrive in the digital age–the right way. Read on and contact Accel Marketing Solutions today to learn more about how we can protect your firm from potential legal disputes.

How Advertising Rules May Affect You

If you are a practicing New Mexico attorney or law firm, you need to consider the rules regulating attorney advertising in your state. While you are busy practicing law, your marketing company should ensure that your marketing efforts are above board and follow the Bar’s rules. Take a look below to see if your website or ad campaign is on the right track.

Understanding New Mexico’s Advertising Rules

The New Mexico Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct require that attorneys and law firms follow various strict guidelines when it comes to their online advertising campaigns. A rough outline of some of the most important rules for attorney advertising in New Mexico are as follows:

  • Attorneys in New Mexico prohibited from making any statements about them or their practice that are false, misleading, or may be interpreted as false or misleading. [Rule 16-701, Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services]
  • Law firms in New Mexico must include the name of at least one attorney or law firm responsible for creating the content or advertising on their site. Attorneys also, generally, may not pay clients for recommending their services. [Rule 16-702, Advertising]
  • While attorneys in New Mexico may state that they practice specific areas of law, they cannot claim that they are a specialist or expert of any practice area, unless they meet very specific qualifications outlined by the bar. Attorneys also cannot advertise endorsements about them or their firm if those endorsements are false or misleading in some way. [Rule 16-704, Communication of Fields of Practice and Specialization]

New Mexico Attorneys Trust in Accel Marketing Solutions

Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. understands that no two law firms are alike, which is why when you partner with us, we will tailor your website and the strategy we use to your exact needs. Just some of the services Accel will provide for your law firm are as follows:

  • A flawless website design that showcases your firm’s culture, strengths, and what sets you apart from other firms in your field.
  • Comprehensive SEO strategies that work to make your firm climb to the top of some of the most common, and important search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • State-specific educational legal content to help forge a bond of trust between you and your potential clients before they ever walk through your door.
  • High-quality educational videos of you answering some of the most frequently asked questions of attorneys in your field, demonstrating your knowledge of the law, while also increasing online visibility.
  • Effective Pay-Per-Click and Remarketing campaign management.
  • Even the best businesses and law firms receive unwarranted negative reviews from time to time. That is why we employ state-of-the-art reputation management tools to strategically mitigate the impact a poor review may have on your firm’s good name.
  • 24/7 Live Chat to make instant connections with prospective clients at all times. With 24/7 live chat, you will never miss a call or a client again.

Accel Marketing Solutions is more than a marketing company for attorneys. When you work with us, you will soon understand that we are your partner. If you do not succeed, we do not succeed either. We will not stop until your firm truly flourishes. Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. today so we can get started.

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