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Law Firm Marketing Content

Law Firm Marketing Content Development

One of the most challenging aspects of online marketing is developing quality content. The problem is that many marketing companies have copywriters with no knowledge of the law, and it shows. Their websites have generic content that does not engage or educate the reader. Because of this, most potential clients will lose motivation to stay on the site to search for more information.

Understanding why this is, Accel Marketing has always focused on providing educational content that answers real questions and leaves the visitor satisfied.

Our bounce rates are extremely low because we are not tricking visitors. When they visit your website, they are welcomed by an abundance of useful, practical information across a multitude of mediums. Our content writers are legal professionals and educators who will convey this valuable information through well-written, digestible content. Putting in hard work helps you succeed where others cannot. We are focused on the future, and it works. Contact Accel Marketing to schedule a free website evaluation.

Our Educational Approach

Accel Marketing knows how to write content that speaks to the viewer. When writing content, we focus on:

  • Avoiding legalese: Writing content in a way people can understand is important.
  • Answering relevant questions: Providing accurate answers that people can digest will help you gain authority as a resource of information.
  • Writing content specific to your state: State laws differ and so should the content.
  • Staying on top of changing laws: Laws often change. Keeping your website up-to-date with accurate content is our priority.

An Education-Based Approach Leads To Quality Clients

The best way to acquire new clients is by educating them. Our approach to content development is based on the principle of education-based marketing optimized for search engine visibility and client conversion. Accel Marketing knows what helps clients dominate search engines. When potential clients find relevant, accurate, and engaging information on your website pages, blogs, and in your attorney videos, you are their trusted source, and they couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. Our educational-based approach works because it helps:

  • Showcase your personality and expertise: Our material helps you succeed is by providing website visitors the ability to become familiar with you and your firm. Through our videos and abundance of practice area content, visitors can forge a connection, leading to conversion.
  • Optimize your search engine rankings: When people find relevant information on your website written in a way they can understand, search engines like Google will take notice and give you a higher authority for that keyword. Keeping consistent quality across your pages is one of the many strategies we use to help you succeed on the internet.

State-Specific Content

Why It’s Important & Why You Need It

Accel Marketing writes state-specific content that is relevant to potential clients in a law firm’s geographical reach. While others provide generic space filling content, we take the time to write about topics that will help your website answer questions people are looking for in your area.

In our experience, people searching for a specific legal topic find countless websites that have quasi-relevant content. All too often users find content that is an advertisement, irrelevant, inaccurate and/or filler.

State-Specific Content - USA Map with Mobile Devices

When taking on a project

  • We dive into the state’s legal code: We do not rely on other attorney websites in your area. They are unreliable and regularly inaccurate. We read the law, we digest the law, and we write the law.
  • We break down the content: We write for your audience. Some topics are complicated and people walk away more confused than before. We break it down into terms everyone can understand.
  • We research and analyze your on-site SEO: Writing relevant information is great. Making sure it does well on search engines is key. We do our due diligence to make sure your content is seen.
  • We add some personality: The reader should come away with an understanding of the law and the type of law firm you are. Your content will send a message to readers of who you are and what you do.

Accel Marketing’s team of legal experts understand the law and how it relates to website visitors. To truly educate a visitor, one must provide content that talks about state laws. Criminal penalties often vary by state. The rules by which a court decides on family law matters differ as well. Providing detailed content about the law is great for the user, great for SEO, and, in turn, great for the law firm.

Blog Creation & Syndication

Syndicated Content Across Multiple Devices
Most law firms do not consistently blog for 3 reasons: They don’t have the time, they don’t know what to blog about, and they don’t know how to syndicate the content.

With our help, lawyers can focus on practicing the law. We consistently develop educational content in the form of blogs, posting them to your site, and syndicating them out to social media platforms.

Your blogs are written with an expert precision that strikes the right balance between “legalese” and consumer readability while focusing on search engine visibility.

Blogs are fresh content consistently added to your website with the goal of:

  • Producing links back to your website
  • Helping people find relevant information
  • Making your website a resource for up-to-date information
  • Getting the word out about you and your firm
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Making search engines see your website as a trusted source of information

With a focus on catering to your audience, blogging help you answer timely questions, discuss a topic in more detail and explore the nuances of a topic, announce a change in your state’s law, and discuss a legal principle in connection to a story in the news. By regularly producing content on your website and syndicating that content for others to share, your website can organically rise in rankings and be successful.

News & Events

It is important to let your clients, viewers, and potential customers know about the latest news and events happening with your firm. Not only does this get the word out, but it also lets people know that you are active in your community, both professionally and personally. When your law firm has announcements about recent firm news or upcoming events, we can help! Our firm can get the word out about anything, including:

  • Recent awards & honors
  • Published works
  • Charity events
  • Additions to the firm
  • Bar admissions
  • Lectures and seminars
  • Pro bono work

Articles & Publications

Many of our clients are distinguished writers themselves. If you are an active contributor to a legal journal or news outlet, your articles and publications should be a feature of your website and actively syndicated to the right places. We work closely with our clients to help their work reach the masses by posting to the website and syndicating links to other outlets and social media platforms. Your work can only help the bottom line. Similar to our content, your articles and publications can:

  • Support your authority as an expert in your field
  • Build your brand
  • Share your values
  • Push your message
  • Raise your internet traffic
  • Convert viewers to quality clients 
Accel Marketing Solutions

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Our writers pride themselves on the depth of content on our sites. A website filled with quality, educational, state-specific content allows our law firm clients to provide answers that forge a connection with the user. While other marketing firms focus on ways to boost rankings temporarily, our firm is committed to our clients for the long haul. If you need a marketing firm who will put in the hard work for your success, contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. for a website evaluation.

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