Law Firm Marketing Services

Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. specializes in attorney and law firm marketing services. Our marketing specialists understand what it takes to succeed online. Our clients are important to us and it shows. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach and daily obsession to the success of your website so that you can focus on growing your law practice. Our team members are readily available. When clients need our help, we are ready to serve. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. for the personalized and proficient marketing services your law firm deserves.

Our Attorney Marketing Services

  • Law Firm Website Design

    Accel Marketing’s website developers are experts at helping your law firm shine. Our unique, mobile-friendly websites are designed to optimize your online visibility and provide a glimpse into your firm’s personality.

  • Law Firm SEO

    SEO is ever-changing. Accel Marketing’s SEO specialists develop customized SEO strategies based on your needs and the rules set out by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  • Educational Legal Content

    When writing content for our clients, we focus on education. Accel Marketing believes that engaging, educational content provides an opportunity for your viewers to quickly access relevant information while forging a connection with your law firm.

  • Law Firm Video Production

    Our video production team is ready to feature your firm’s legal expertise while boosting your search engine rankings with high-quality videos of relevant, educational content from the comfort of your own office.

  • Social Media

    A powerful marketing strategy can be optimized with the integration of social media platforms, including Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Constantly syndicating content to social media is just one of the many ways we greatly enhance your online presence.

  • Advertising

    Advertising campaigns can be a powerful tool for law firms. Accel Marketing works with clients to develop the most effective Pay Per Click campaigns, optimizing their return on their marketing investment.

  • Law Firm Reputation Management

    A bad review can impact the good name of a law firm. Accel Marketing’s reputation management tools can minimize the damage and maintain your reputation.

  • Law Firm Live Chat

    Accel Marketing’s custom chat boxes provide an opportunity for prospective clients to chat with a representative of your website, 24/7, helping with client conversion.

Client Testimonials

“I started using Accel Marketing for my law firm website about ten months ago and the results have been outstanding. Not only is the phone ringing but Elliot and Peter always respond immediately to my questions and new ideas. I would highly recommend them.”
-Frances A Tomes, Esq.

“My experience and results with Accel Law Firm Marketing have been very positive and quite frankly a pleasure for me because there has been a steady increase, as promised, and those increases in contacts have led to more business. Every company will promise you great results. Sadly, as I think we’ve all experienced, many of them don’t deliver, but Accel has. One of the ways I think they’ve been successful is they’ve been willing to listen to me and my specific needs and expectations, what my strengths are here at this law firm, and where we’re looking to expand. After really listening, they developed an individualized marketing program and we’ve reviewed it constantly. We’ve tweaked it, we’ve upgraded it, we’ve tailored it to work, and it has been working. These are guys you are going to like working with.”
-Marc Needelman, Esq.

“Our results have been fabulous. From the day we’ve started to today, we’ve seen growth both in the contact with respect to the website as well as the calls that we get from the website, which have increased tenfold. We have actually talked about how to handle the calls. We have gotten more calls than we ever expected so it’s been a great, great experience.”
-John C. Miller, Esq.