Law Firm Video Production

Law Firm Video Production

Video Production For Law Firms

Choosing an attorney is no easy decision. When a person searches for an attorney, they will be inundated with a list of names that mean very little to them at first. However, if your website has videos, it will set you apart from your competition. Attorney videos can make a great website exceptional. When people search the internet for relevant legal information, they are faced with an overwhelming amount of content to sift through before finding quality and correct information.
Accel Marketing believes that providing an abundance of excellent material through written words and videos helps establish a law firm as a trusted source for information, building online confidence and search engine rankings. The video production team at Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. uses cutting-edge technology to create educational videos and custom firm overview videos that will help set your law firm apart from the rest. Contact us to discuss how we can help you!

The Whole Package!

Complimentary music
Custom graphics
We Help You Prepare Our video production team starts the process with video shoot preparation. We will help you prepare and answer any questions you may have.
We Help You Choose Questions We will provide a list of the most popular questions asked on the internet in your practice area. If you are having trouble choosing topics, we can guide you through it.
We Come To You To make the process as convenient as possible, Accel’s video production crew will bring the shoot to the client, filming on-site at the client’s office.

Why Have Videos?

Attorney videos are a great way to further forge a connection with potential clients. The popular saying “straight from the horse’s mouth” rings true when it comes to attorney websites. When prospective clients watch a video of a legal professional providing quality answers to relevant questions, an already wonderful website can shine as a beacon of integrity. Accel Marketing deeply believes in the power of educational content. Our videos further the commitment to that belief.

  • Showcase your legal knowledge
  • Showcase your personality
  • Forge a relationship with the viewer
  • Support your authority as an expert in your field
  • Provide an interactive experience for the user
  • Keep people on your site longer
  • Gain traction on search engines

All of this can be accomplished before someone calls your office or steps foot in your door.

Educational Videos Made Easy

When it comes time to film your educational legal videos, our firm makes it a point to help the attorneys feel as comfortable and as prepared as possible. Some attorneys have initial reservations about being on camera, but they come to find that these educational videos really help their business grow. Our firm works with law firms to formulate some of the questions you most often receive from current and potential clients. We understand the law and know what questions people are searching for when they turn to the Internet for legal guidance. Having the most often-searched information in an educational video readily available can drive traffic to the site and as a result, bring the law firm new business.

After a few hours of work, the law firm will be equipped with a multitude of videos to use on the website, adding to the abundance of educational content.  Our team will edit the videos and construct a customized YouTube channel that features the attorneys doing what they do best: talking about the law.

We handle everything, including:

  • Filming – We use the latest technology to give your videos the finished quality viewers expect.
  • Producing – From framing the shot to setting the lighting, you will look and sound great.
  • Editing – We do what it takes to convert raw footage into a finished product.
  • Constructing – We construct a finished, professional YouTube channel to feature these great videos.
  • Posting – We take your videos and post them to your YouTube channel and on your website both in a video gallery and on the educational pages we create.
  • Optimizing – There are millions of videos on the internet. We make sure yours are seen and heard.

Custom Overview Video to Introduce Your Firm

When people visit a law firm website, becoming familiar with the firm and attorneys is a great way to bridge the gap between being a website visitor and becoming a client. Though the content on a website may be educational, factual and relevant, having an introduction can comfort a user and give a voice to the content provided. Accel Marketing offers custom overview videos that demonstrate the culture and personality of a law firm.

Custom Videos Graphic

Forging A Connection

With the right introduction, a law firm can make a great first impression before wowing the visitor with an abundance of educational content. Firm overview videos can help:

  • Introduce the firm
  • Showcase the firm’s culture and personality
  • Showcase the firm’s dedication to marketing
  • Forge a connection with the viewer
  • Turn viewers into clients

Knowing the firm is great for conversion. The best way to accomplish this is with a short commercial-like video introducing you and your services. If you are interested in finding out more about our custom law firm introductory videos, contact Accel Marketing for a consultation.

Accel Marketing’s video production team produces professional, sharp and attractive overview videos for law firms. Your short commercial will include:

  • Custom graphics
  • Engaging visuals of the staff and the office
  • Original music
  • The right message
  • A personal touch

Professional YouTube Channel

Your abundance of videos should be hosted in the right place to maximize exposure. You want people to watch your videos, and there is no better place to feature these videos than on YouTube! Accel Marketing Solutions will construct a professional YouTube channel on your behalf. Doing so is good for business. Let’s talk about why.

Audience size YouTube is owned by Google, and the audience size cannot be overstated There are more than 1.5 billion users on YouTube! Of those, there are over 40 million daily users ready to find your videos.
Emerging medium Accel Marketing believes in diversification. You cannot adequately market yourself with just text-based marketing efforts. By 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be for video. Sharing your videos through your YouTube channel allows people to find answers to their questions and share those answers with others.
Brand building Your firm is a brand. Your brand should be built over time. Brand building is a powerful strategy to help maximize awareness of your firm through marketing efforts. Having a YouTube channel allows your brand to reach more people and gain more authority over time.
SEO Google is by far the biggest and greatest search engine. It is so powerful, it is a verb…. You Google something. That said, videos that are featured on YouTube get greater traction, leading to greater results in search engines for the website connected to the channel. Greater results = greater traffic = more business.
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The right videos can make a huge difference for a law firm’s online success. If you have any additional questions regarding the video production services our firm provides and how these educational videos can help your business succeed, contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.

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