Law Firm Social Media Marketing

Law Firm Social Media Marketing

Law Firm & Attorney Social Media Management

The age of the internet requires your business to be present and active on social media. No online marketing strategy is complete without the utilization of social media platforms. The strategic use of social media can increase the value of a law firm. It is critical to ensure that a law firm’s reputation gets better with social media, not worse. All too often, marketing firms will syndicate content that lacks substance, tarnishing the reputation of the firm. Accel Marketing uses social media to syndicate engaging, educational content to an audience looking for real answers, not filler. Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. to discuss your social media needs with the experts.

Why does social media matter?

Social media platforms are quickly becoming the greatest venues for the exchange of information on the Internet. 77 percent of Americans use social media, as do 90 percent of American businesses. At this point in today’s world, your business needs a social media presence. It is often one of the first points of contact a prospective client has with your business, and can set the tone for your relationship going forward.

Your social media profile can provide extremely valuable information about:

  • Your businesses’ location and hours of operation
  • Reviews that others have left about your services
  • The services you provide
  • How to contact your business
  • Who you are as a firm

How does social media help a website?

Social media allows your law firm to deliver important information, blogs, and updates about the firm to your network of colleagues, clients, and loved ones in the most efficient manner.

It allows your firm to engage with your audience, receive feedback, answer questions, and form a relationship with a prospective client before they even step into your office.

Not only that, but social media also helps you maintain relationships with your clients after services have been rendered.

Your clients have the opportunity to leave a review of your services on social media, which can be shared with people in both your network and theirs, allowing your business to grow even more.

Social media pages act like signals for search engines.

These signals tell search engines that original, high-quality content is available for viewers to enjoy. In doing so, a viewer that lands on a social media page will be sent to the law firm’s website to continue the experience.

When syndication is successful, traffic for your law firm’s website increases, leading to better search engine rankings and more clients.

Furthermore, social media not only connects people, but it also allows people to share information. When that information is a law firm’s content, power in numbers takes on a whole new meaning.

Accel Marketing regularly syndicates a variety of informative and interactive content for people to share and for search engines to rank, leading to higher website traffic and more paying clients.

Our Social Media Management Services

  • Weekly or monthly syndicated educational blog posts
  • Firm updates, press releases, and announcements
  • The creation of a streamlined social media presence
  • Ensuring each of your profiles is branded with your logo
  • Facebook Ad management
  • Increasing followers and post reach
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Accel Marketing harnesses the full potential of social media to benefit clients. Our content writers and SEO experts continuously explore new ways to use social media to our clients’ advantage. We are on the cutting edge of social media utilization, and our top priority is benefitting your firm. As technology changes and social media platforms progress, so do we. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Whatever it is, Accel Marketing Solutions will be sure to find out first. Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. to discuss your marketing needs.

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