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Law Firm Web Design

Legal Website Design & Development

Accel Marketing produces the sharpest, most engaging websites in the business. Our eye-catching designs cater to the personality and culture of your firm while focusing on converting your viewers into clients. Whether you are looking for a more conservative look or a modern, sleek design, Accel Marketing can develop the right website to fit the bill. While we have the experience of designing hundreds of websites, we do not rest on our laurels. We are always looking towards the future, keeping up with the latest trends in website design. Our expert website developers are excited to explore the most modern ideas and push the boundaries. We do not rest until we create a website you love. Contact us today to learn how we can help.


Websites for firms of all sizes

Regardless of your firm’s size, Accel Marketing understands that your website has a message to send. Whether your site is for one attorney or a large law firm, Accel Marketing will make it work. Our firm has developed websites for every firm size and a wide variety of legal matters. Whether your firm focuses on one practice or many, our websites cater to your needs.

Why work with Accel Marketing Solutions?

You will love your website:
We do not stop until you are completely satisfied with the look of your website.

Your website will convert:
Not only do we build fantastic websites, they convert viewers into clients by focusing on the user and providing answers to their questions.

Your website will be optimized for search engines:
Your website will always align with the latest guidelines by search engines.

You will own your website entirely:
Once the work is complete and the site is paid for, it is yours… all of it.

Always Custom | Never Templates!

At Accel Marketing, we know that no two law firms are alike. To provide you with a law firm website that is engaging and speaks to your message and personality, templates just won’t do. Our team builds your website from scratch because our websites are:

  • Completely customizable with custom features available
  • More maintainable and reliable
  • Unique to your law firm
  • Limitless in its ability to grow with your firm

Responsive Design

Your website must function optimally on all devices. Our websites “respond” to all screen sizes. Whether on desktop, laptops, tablets or smartphones, our websites maintain the same functionality and design appeal across all mediums. Our websites are designed to present the user with a size-efficient layout that focuses on ease of use.

Responsive design that converts clients: Internet use on mobile devices is quickly dominating the landscape. Desktop and laptop computers are being set aside for the ease of searching for relevant information on cell phones and tablets. Your website must function similarly on a small screen and your desktop or laptop. The demand for easy-to-use mobile websites is increasing exponentially. Your viewers and potential clients may judge you on your ability to provide quality content from a quality website. A responsive website demonstrates your commitment to your profession and your business.

Responsive design optimized for search engines: Your search engine rankings will benefit from your mobile-friendly website. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! fully understand the increase in mobile Internet use. As such, they demand that websites be responsive if they want to show up on their search engines. If your website is troublesome on a mobile device, search engines will look for alternatives with similar content to serve the best interests of the user. Search engines are always modifying their algorithms, and we know how to optimize your website to rank well. We are on top of the latest news and announcements from popular search engines to best serve our law firm clients.

Mobile-first design

It is important to know your audience. Depending on your practice, your website should be designed in a way that is tailored to your viewers’ most common device. Accel Marketing is fascinated with the shift in users to mobile devices. For practice areas that are pushing towards a majority of mobile inquiries, we have implemented a mobile-first design. It is important to know what is coming down the road. Below is a breakdown of traffic:

Mobile-First Indexing

As more and more people look towards their phones to search for topics on the internet, including the right attorney for their legal matter, mobile-first indexing is becoming commonplace.

What is mobile-first indexing?
Google and other search engines have noticed the shift towards mobile devices. In the past, Ranking systems have focused on the desktop version of a website. This can cause a number of issues if a website’s mobile version is drastically different than the desktop version. This change means that search engines will look towards mobile devices for indexing and rankings.

An obsession with speed

Your website should be lighting-fast. Websites are judged by many factors, including user-friendly design, on-site SEO, and the quality of your content. You may not know that speed is a major factor in how your website ranks. We are nerds for speed. We have been for a long time. Most of our websites load in just under a second, beating out most of the competition and further optimizing our sites for SEO.

Have a change or addition? We have it covered!

If you need help, our outstanding team is ready at a moment’s notice. Our team will handle all requests in an expedited manner. Whether it’s a new case study, an adjustment to your bio, or a change in your practice area, Accel Marketing’s customer service is unmatched. You are no longer lost in the shuffle. Our team knows you by name and we are always happy to hear from you. We work hard to forge lasting relationships, and our retention rate speaks volumes.

Focused on your success

Accel Marketing’s web development team focuses on key components that make a website successful. Accel Marketing focuses website development on:

Conversion Your website may look good, but it should also convert viewers into clients.
Education Writing state-specific content that helps people find answers to their legal questions makes you the resource they turn to for legal help.
Optimization Employing tested SEO strategies helps your firm show up on search engines.
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Building an amazing looking website is just the first step on a great journey. Through the efforts of our team, Accel Marketing takes a phenomenal looking site and optimizes it to dominate search engines. With a great design and our team’s hard work, you can increase online visibility, increase traffic, and increase clients. If you feel like a needle in a haystack, contact Accel Marketing Solutions to help you shine.

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