How Do Attorneys Get Google Screened?

How Do Attorneys Get Google Screened?

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Recently, Google unveiled a new program for professional businesses called Google Screened. This program has rolled out across the country and has expanded to many professional practices. Many law firms across the U.S. are taking advantage of this new program, and your law firm could be next. Continue reading and contact Accel Marketing Solutions to learn more about Google Screened and other marketing efforts that may benefit your law firm.

What is Google Screened?

Google Screened is a pay-per-lead advertising platform that allows businesses to appear in prime spots on Google searches. This differs from Pay-Per-Click, as firms will only pay for a lead and will not be charged when viewers simply click on their advertisement. Google Screened is Google’s second screening program, after Google Guaranteed, for professional businesses. This screening program, as of now, is only available to financial planners, realtors, and attorneys.


How is Google Screened different from Google Guaranteed?

Though Google Screened and Google Guaranteed operate on the same premise–vetting professionals and informing potential clients that they are trustworthy–Google Guaranteed deals solely with home-related services, such as HVAC, plumbers, painters, and more. Google Screened is currently restricted to only three types of professional businesses.

How can a law firm benefit from Google Screened?

Google Screened can be advantageous to your firm, as when anyone needs an attorney in your field, your firm will hold a prime location in the search results and showcase the Google Screened icon. Your prospective clients will feel peace of mind knowing that your firm has been thoroughly vetted, thereby boosting their trust and increasing the likelihood of them choosing your firm to represent them.

What is the process?

Once you set up your account and pick your vertical (personal injury attorney, criminal attorney, etc.) you will then need to specify which types of calls you want to receive. So, for example, if you are a personal injury attorney, you can write that you only wish to receive calls regarding injuries sustained in car accidents. Finally, as long as you meet its requirements, Google should approve you.

What are the requirements for Google Screened?

To receive the Google Screened badge next to your law firm’s name, you will have to meet several criteria. To start, your firm must have at least a 3-star rating on Google to enroll. Then, your firm will have to participate in several background checks, including a business-level background check, a business-owner background check, and the principal attorney at your firm will have to submit to a state bar license check. Lastly, to qualify, all attorneys must have malpractice insurance.

How much does Google Screened cost?

Price points will vary by location and practice areas. More competitive cities and practice areas will, generally, cost more on a weekly basis. You are entitled to dispute a call if the call is either spam or if it was not related to the specific types of calls you requested.

Setting a budget

Once you have your account, you will establish your weekly budget. You will only have to pay, however, when someone calls your firm with a valid lead, not simply anytime someone clicks your ad. As stated before, this differs Google Screened significantly from other programs, such as Pay-Per-Click in that regard. When your budget is exhausted or you wish to discontinue paying for the service, your firm will lose its prime spot and icon.

What lawyers can get Google Screened?

Many legal fields may qualify, including the following:

  • Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Business Lawyers
  • Contract Lawyers
  • Criminal Lawyers
  • Disability Lawyers
  • DUI Lawyers
  • Estate Lawyers
  • Family Lawyers
  • IP Lawyers
  • Labor Lawyers
  • Litigation Lawyers
  • Malpractice Lawyers
  • Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Real Estate Lawyers
  • Tax Lawyers
  • Traffic Lawyers
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