Local Service Ads for Lawyers

Local Service Ads for Lawyers

Google Screened & Google Guaranteed For Attorneys

Those of you who’ve heard of Google My Business and pay-per-click ads will understand just how important taking a few extra steps can be when it comes to drumming up your clientele. Here at Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc., we can help you set up PPC campaigns, your Google My Business, Google Screened, and more, as these are all useful strategies when it comes to increasing your law firm’s rankings and online visibility. One of Google’s newest developments in this vein is allowing law firms and attorneys to purchase Local Service Ads to help them reach the top of every Google search results page. Read on and contact Accel Marketing Solutions to learn more about Local Service Ads and how our team can effectively implement them into your online marketing strategy.

How Google Local Service Ads Can Benefit Your Law Firm

When you incorporate Google Local Services Ads into your budget, you can guarantee that your law firm will appear at the top of the search results page, providing prospective clients near you with the opportunity to simply call or message you directly, without the need to go through your website. Though not all businesses are eligible to create Local Service Ads, law firms are, regardless of their practice area. By purchasing Local Service Ads, you significantly increase the chances that your law firm will appear at the top of search results for specific zip codes, towns, and communities.

How to Pay for Google Local Service Ads

Though pay-per-click ads are also fantastic ways to expand your business, Local Service Ads are known as pay-per-lead ads, meaning that you will only pay when Google determines whether the viewer is a valid lead. This means that Google will only charge you if you receive a text message, phone call, or voicemail from a prospective client. Further, if you believe Google mistakenly charged you for an invalid lead, you may dispute the charge.

Why Your Law Firm Should Consider Local Service Ads

There are various reasons why you should consider incorporating Local Service Ads into your digital marketing campaign, some of which are as follows:

Your Ad, and therefore your law firm, will reach a greater number of local prospective clients who require the legal services of an attorney in your field.
Since you will have to qualify for Google Screened before creating a Local Service Ad (more on Google Screened below), potential clients will have faith that you are a trustworthy and reliable law firm.
Along with easy access to call/message your law firm directly, each Local Service Ad includes a link to your law firm’s ratings and reviews on Google, which is yet another way to build prospective clients’ trust.
Local Service Ads provide higher conversion rates, meaning there is a far greater chance that those who interact with your ad will actually become a future client of yours.

While Local Service Ads have many perks, you should understand that your Ads must meet various criteria to rank well. Google considers several different factors, including your law firm’s ratings, your geographic proximity to the searcher, whether you are a verified business by Google, and even your business hours. You also must be vigilant when responding to leads, for if you ignore messages or calls generated by your Ad, your Local Service Ads rankings may drop.

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Starting Your Local Service Ads Campaign

If all of this sounds good so far, the next step is signing up. Here’s how:

  1. First, you must ensure that you are a law firm with a local office in a participating market. You must also have a Google My Business profile with at least one review and an average three-to-five-star rating.
  2. You must then get Google Screened, which our team can help you with. Essentially, during the Google Screened process, Google will simply verify that you are a licensed attorney, that your law firm has legal malpractice insurance, and that your firm passes a basic background check. Many other law firms do not go through this process, which is why doing so can help you stand out from others in your field.
  3. Finally, you should establish an inbound call structure, wherein you can ensure you have a place to answer phone calls and respond to messages timely, as this will affect your Local Service Ads rating and whether Google will charge you for leads.

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