PPC (Google Ads) vs. LSA (Google Screened): A Guide for Law Firms

PPC (Google Ads) vs. LSA (Google Screened): A Guide for Law Firms

In the competitive legal market, law firms and lawyers need effective strategies to attract clients online. Two popular digital advertising options are Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising via Google Ads and Local Services Ads (LSA) through Google Screened. This article breaks down the differences between these platforms to help you and your firm make informed decisions about where to invest your marketing budget.

What is PPC (Google Ads)?

PPC (Google Ads) is an online advertising platform where advertisers pay each time a user clicks on their ad. These ads appear at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and can also be displayed on partner websites.

Benefits of PPC for Law Firms:

  • Targeted Advertising: Law firms can target specific keywords related to their services, ensuring their ads reach potential clients searching for those terms.
  • Control Over Budget: Firms can set daily or monthly budgets, making it easier to manage advertising costs.
  • Immediate Visibility: PPC ads appear at the top of search results, providing immediate visibility and traffic to the firm’s website.
  • Customizable Campaigns: Ads can be customized to target specific locations, demographics, and times of the day.

What is LSA (Google Screened)?

Local Services Ads (LSA) are a type of ad designed for service-based businesses, including law firms. LSAs appear at the top of search results and include a “Google Screened” badge, indicating the business has passed Google’s background and license checks.

Benefits of LSA for Law Firms:

  • Credibility and Trust: The “Google Screened” badge builds trust with potential clients, showing that the firm has been vetted by Google.
  • Pay Per Lead: Unlike PPC, LSAs operate on a pay-per-lead model, meaning law firms only pay for qualified leads, not clicks.
  • High Visibility: LSAs appear above traditional PPC ads and organic search results, increasing the chances of being noticed by searchers.
  • Direct Contact: Potential clients can contact firms directly through the ad, streamlining the process of securing new business.

Key Differences Between PPC and LSA

  • Cost Structure:
    • PPC: Charges are based on clicks. Firms pay each time someone clicks on their ad, regardless of whether it results in a lead.
    • LSA: Charges are based on leads. Firms only pay when a potential client contacts them through the ad.
  • Ad Placement:
    • PPC: Ads appear at the top and bottom of SERPs, and across the Google Display Network.
    • LSA: Ads appear at the very top of SERPs, often above PPC ads, with a distinct “Google Screened” badge.
  • Trust and Credibility:
    • PPC: Ads do not carry any additional trust signals from Google beyond ad extensions like reviews or ratings.
    • LSA: The “Google Screened” badge provides an added layer of credibility, showing that the business has been verified by Google.
  • Lead Quality:
    • PPC: Clicks do not guarantee quality leads; the effectiveness depends on the ad copy and landing page.
    • LSA: Designed to generate higher-quality leads since users often see LSAs as more trustworthy due to the Google screening process.
  • Targeting Options:
    • PPC: Offers extensive targeting options, including keywords, location, demographics, interests, and more.
    • LSA: Primarily targets based on location and service categories, with less granular control compared to PPC.

Choosing the Right Option for Your Law Firm

Ultimately, the decision between PPC and LSA depends on your firm’s goals and budget:

  • For Immediate Traffic and Flexibility: PPC is ideal. It provides immediate visibility and detailed targeting options.
  • For Trust and Cost-Efficiency: LSA is beneficial. The pay-per-lead model can be more cost-effective, and the “Google Screened” badge helps build trust with potential clients.

Overall, both PPC and LSA offer unique advantages for law firms looking to increase their online presence. PPC allows for greater control and immediate traffic, while LSA provides a trust signal and cost-effective lead generation.

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