Maine Attorney Advertising Rules

Maine Attorney Advertising Rules

Attorney Advertising Rules in Maine

Law firms across the state of Maine need to be aware of the specific advertising rules that apply to them when they want to inform the public of their legal services. The Maine Rules of Professional Conduct became effective in August of 2009 and must be considered when your law firm creates a new website or advertises any other way. When your firm chooses to work with Accel Marketing Solutions for all of your digital marketing needs, your website will always be in compliance with all advertising laws that may apply. To learn more about how Accel can help your firm flourish online and off, contact us today.

Understanding The Maine Rules Of Professional Conduct

Attorneys and law firms across the United States need to be aware of the advertising rules that they are subject to in order to avoid any possible violation. Maine attorneys and law firms are no exception. Whether you are creating a new website or engaging in other advertising efforts, it is important to know what is acceptable according to your state’s bar.

Attorney Conduct Rules Made Easy

Some of the most prevalent attorney advertising rules to be aware of include the following:

  • No communication can include any sort of false or misleading language about yourself or the legal services you provide. Be sure not to leave out any necessary facts that could lead a reasonable person to misinterpret your statement [Rule 7.1, Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services]
  • When you publish any communication, be sure to include the name and address of at least one of the attorneys at your firm that will take responsibility for the content disseminated [Rule 7.2, Advertising]
  • When you do publish any sort of advertisement/communication, you aren’t allowed to make claims that you are a specialist in a specific legal field unless you were certified by an organization that was approved by the appropriate state authority. Additionally, you have to include the name of the certifying organization within the publication [Rule 7.4, Communication of Field of Practice Specialization]

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