Iowa Attorney Advertising Rules

Iowa Attorney Advertising Rules

Attorney Advertising Rules in Iowa

Accel Marketing Solutions is a full-service law firm marketing company that is committed to ensuring you are not only thriving online, but also that you are in compliance with the complicated advertising rules set by the Bar. In the state of Iowa, just like in many other states across the country, law firms are required to abide by the Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct. These are quite similar to the Model Rules put in place by the American Bar Association and require law firms and individual attorneys to pay close attention to any of the advertising communications they disperse to the public. At Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc, we are committed to ensuring that you are in compliance with all advertising rules enforced by the Iowa Bar. To learn more about what Accel can do for your law firm’s online presence, contact us today.

Iowa Rules of Professional Conduct

Under Iowa’s Rules of Professional Conduct, there are a number of different stipulations when it comes to advertising the services that a law firm provides to the public. Some of the important rules that law firms and individual attorneys should be aware of include the following:

  • Rule 7.1, Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services states that attorneys and their digital marketing companies are prohibited from making any statements that the general public may consider to be false or misleading in any way.
  • Rule 7.1 also states that attorneys in New Hampshire may not make any statements that may cause a reasonable person to have certain expectations regarding the outcome of their case. For example, an attorney simply cannot state, “I will win your case!”
  • Rule 7.2, Advertising, states that attorneys and law firms in New Hampshire are allowed to advertise and broadcast their services through public media, though they are not allowed to pay clients for recommending their services to other prospective clients.
  • Rule 7.4, Communication of Fields of Practice, states that, aside from few isolated exceptions to the rule, lawyers can’t claim to be a “specialist” in any particular practice area because the Supreme Court of Iowa does not certify lawyers with this designation [Rule 32:7.4,  and Specialization]

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