West Virginia Attorney Advertising Rules

West Virginia Attorney Advertising Rules

Attorney Advertising Rules in West Virginia

Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. has helped attorneys all over the country realize their true potential through our unique, comprehensive digital marketing campaigns. Here at Accel, we have all the tools needed to help your firm succeed, including extensive knowledge of the advertising guidelines set out by the Bar Rules in the state of West Virginia. Because of this, we can help your firm thrive while ensuring you are always in compliance with the guidelines for your state. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

West Virginia Attorney Advertising Disclaimers

In West Virginia, the bar requires all attorney advertisements to include disclaimers that state the limitations of any claims on their websites. At Accel Marketing Solutions, we understand this and ensure that our marketing strategies adhere to the state’s attorney advertising rules. We are committed to protecting your firm from legal battles with clients. Each website we create includes a disclaimer, informing readers that the information on your site should not be taken as legal advice. In addition to this, it states that by reading the information or filling out a contact form, it does not yet establish an attorney-client relationship.

West Virginia Rules For Professional Conduct

In the state of West Virginia, all attorneys must follow the Rules for Professional Conduct that are implemented by the bar. In choosing to work with Accel Marketing Solutions, you can be comforted by knowing we are well-acquainted with these rules and ensure they are included in your digital marketing plan. Some of the Rules for Professional Conduct in the state of West Virginia include:

  • Attorneys are prohibited from making false or misleading statements about themselves and/or their services. This includes any statements that contain a material misrepresentation of fact or law, or statements that omit a fact needed to make the statement not misleading [Rule 7.1 Communicating an Attorney’s Services].
  • While lawyers in West Virginia can advertise their services, they cannot give anything of value to individuals who recommend their services, except to pay the reasonable cost of the advertisements. All communication must include the name and office address of at least one lawyer or law firm [Rule 7.2 Attorney Advertising].
  • Lawyers cannot state that they are a specialist in a particular field of law in West Virginia.

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