Nebraska Attorney Advertising Rules

Nebraska Attorney Advertising Rules

Attorney Advertising Rules in Nebraska

We are now living in the digital age, which is why it is no secret that if you wish to thrive, either as a law firm, a business, or otherwise, you absolutely need a strong online presence. Here at Accel Marketing Solutions Inc., it is our job to provide your law firm with the comprehensive digital marketing strategy it needs to truly outshine all others in your field. That being said, part of what makes us, and our clients, so successful, is that we ensure that we parallel our robust marketing strategies with the rules regarding attorney advertising set out by the Nebraska Bar. Continue reading and contact Accel Marketing Solutions today to learn more about what we can do for you and your firm.

How Does Nebraska’s Rules For Professional Conduct Affect My Law Firm?

While you practice law, those who you’ve entrusted to care for your marketing efforts can quickly get you in hot water with the Nebraska Bar. While Nebraska is not significantly imposing with their rules and there are just a few that you should know if you are building a website or engaging in some other marketing efforts.

Rules Regarding Attorney Advertising

The Nebraska Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct, lays out a wide array of rules that attorneys and their marketing companies must follow when it comes to advertising, including the following:

  • § 3-507.1. Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services, states that attorneys in Nebraska must not advertise or issue any statements that may be considered either dishonest or potentially misleading. Essentially, attorneys and their marketing companies are prohibited from misrepresenting facts or the law in any way, shape, or form.
  • § 3-507.2. Advertising, states that though attorneys are allowed to advertise their services through public media, they are not allowed to offer anything valuable to someone who has recommended their services, unless the costs are directly related to the purchase of advertising space. [Rule 7.2]
  • § 3-507.4. Communication of Fields of Practice, states that although attorneys in Nebraska are allowed to specify whether they do or do not practice certain fields of law, in most cases, they are prohibited from stating that they are an expert or a specialist in a certain field of law.

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