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24/7 Attorney Website Chat Services

Accessibility is a major problem for attorneys and law firms. When a client browses a law firm website, they may need immediate answers. When no one is available to answer those questions, they often click off the website and the law firm misses a client. Accel Marketing has the answer. Included with our dynamic, custom websites is our chat service provided by Accel Receptionist. Accel Receptionist provides up-to-the-minute assistance every hour of every day so law firms do not miss client leads. Whether you are in court, a meeting or out of the office for the day, Accel Receptionist is ready to help prospective clients while you are busy. Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. to discuss this service and other marketing tools to help you succeed online.

Instant connection with prospective clients

When people look for relevant information on search engines and come to a law firm’s site, some are intimidated by the need to reach out. Many are uncomfortable with the need to make the first contact and some do not want to give out their contact information. Accel Receptionist puts these stresses at ease and provides an avenue for potential clients to connect.

Accel Receptionist will converse with prospective clients and collect contact information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Accel Receptionist gives NO legal advice and functions to collect information like a real receptionist. Accel Marketing takes that correspondence and immediately notifies the attorney or law firm about the new lead. When clients are simply asking for information about the firm, Accel Receptionist can provide clients with information about telephone numbers, fax numbers, addresses, and even email addresses. Law firms can be confident that the prospective client appreciates the accessibility of the law firm.

If a prospective client engages with Accel Receptionist during business hours, our call-connect feature will put the attorney or law firm directly in contact with the client. Accel Receptionist helps law firms tap every opportunity.

Why Accel Receptionist works

Accel Receptionist is a great way for law firms to enhance their reach to prospective clients. Accessibility is one of the main issues an attorney or law firm faces when trying to attract new clients. While attorneys are practicing law or off hours, they are missing opportunities for future business. For this reason, Accel Receptionist is a powerful tool, converting a website visitor into a prospect. Our chat feature is so successful that it increases conversion rates up to 26%, bringing an even bigger return on investment, at no cost to you.

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Accel Marketing utilizes every tool to make your website bring customers in. Our focus on the success of our websites never stops. Accel Receptionist is just one of the many ways in which we work for your future. To find out more about our website monitoring service, contact Accel Marketing Solution, Inc. for a consultation.