Washington Attorney Advertising Rules

Washington Attorney Advertising Rules

Attorney Advertising Rules in Washington

Attorneys all over the country are realizing their true potential through Accel Marketing Solutions Inc. We provide attorneys everywhere with unique, comprehensive digital marketing campaigns designed to make them truly thrive amongst all others in their field. We have all the tools needed to help your firm succeed, including extensive knowledge of the advertising guidelines set out by the Bar Rules in the state of Washington. Because of this, we can help your firm prosper while ensuring you are always in compliance with the guidelines for your state. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Washington Attorney Advertising Disclaimers

At Accel Marketing Solutions, we are dedicated to helping your Washington law firm succeed. This includes making sure our marketing strategies are always in line with the attorney advertising rules set by the Washington bar to protect your law firm from a legal battle with clients. Every website we create includes an attorney advertising disclaimer to let readers know the information on the website should not be considered legal advice and in reading that information, or filling out a contact form, an attorney-client relationship has not yet been established.

Washington Rules For Professional Conduct

All attorneys within the state of Washington are required to follow the Rules for Professional Conduct that are designated by the bar. When you team up with Accel Marketing Solutions, you can trust that we have a thorough understanding of these requirements and are sure to implement them within your marketing plan. Important Rules for Professional Conduct to be aware of in Washington include the following:

  • According to Rule 7.1, Washington attorneys are not able to make false or misleading claims about themselves or their services. Doing so can qualify as material misrepresentation of law or fact, as well as not disclosing a fact that is necessary to make a statement not misleading. In addition to this, attorneys cannot make misleading truthful statements or compare themselves to other attorneys without the proper grounds and evidence for doing so.
  • According to Rule 7.2, attorneys can advertise themselves and their services with written, recorded, and electronic communications. All communication is required to include the name and office address with one attorney or law firm responsible for the content.
  • According to Rule 7.4, while attorneys can state the field of law they practice, they cannot claim to be specialists, certified, or experts within a certain field unless they meet certain qualifications.

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