Virginia Attorney Advertising Rules

Virginia Attorney Advertising Rules

Attorney Advertising Rules in Virginia

There are few things more important in today’s day and age than having a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that can truly set your firm apart from all others in your field. In addition to providing your law firm with a dazzling website to help your firm succeed, our team also has a deep understanding of all attorney advertising rules in the state of Virginia. This means that you will have an edge over all other attorneys in your field, all while being in full compliance with the rules in your state. Contact us today to learn how Accel Marketing Solutions can help.

Virginia Attorney Advertising Disclaimers

An essential part of any solid marketing campaign is maximizing its effectiveness while acting within legal constraints. For this very reason, when we create your law firm’s website, we will include an advertising disclaimer to ensure readers that any information they read on the website is not to be considered legal advice and that reading such advice or filling out a contact form does not establish an attorney-client relationship. This will help your firm avoid potential legal quagmires in the future so that you can focus solely on fighting for your clients, not your firm.

Virginia Rules For Professional Conduct

In the state of Virginia, the bar has implemented several Rules for Professional Conduct of which attorneys must adhere to at all times. Part of what we do here at Accel is work to ensure your firm’s marketing campaign is always functioning in accordance with those rules. Some of the Rules for Professional Conduct in Virginia include the following:

  • Rule 7.1, Communicating an Attorney’s Services, states that attorneys are prohibited from making deceptive, untrue, or misleading statements in their advertisements. Rule 7.1 also states that attorneys cannot make unverifiable comparisons between their fees/services with that of another attorney.
  • Rule 7.2, Attorney Advertising, states that attorneys in Virginia must include disclaimers regarding specific or cumulative case results, meaning that when discussing case results, attorneys have to state that future clients may not necessarily receive the same results and that the outcome of a case largely depends on its circumstances.
  • According to Rule 7.4, Communication of Fields of Practice, attorneys in Virginia are allowed to state whether they practice a certain field of law, though they are prohibited from stating or implying they are recognized as a specialist or are “certified” except under certain circumstances, such as if they have been board-certified by the Supreme Court of Virginia as a specialist, or if they are admitted to engaging in patent practice or Admiralty practice.

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When you partner with our team of marketing professionals, you will receive the following, among other services:

  • An informative, customized website that both you and your prospective clients will love.
  • Comprehensive SEO strategies, unmatched by all other marketing companies in the field.
  • State-specific educational legal content to educate your clients before your consultation with them.
  • High-quality educational videos featuring you answering some of the most popular questions attorneys in your field are asked by potential clients, all from the comfort of your own office.
  • Paid advertising campaign management, such as PPC and Remarketing.
  • Reputation management to blunt the impact a poor review may have on your firm’s good name.
  • 24/7 Live Chat to ensure you never miss a call or a client again.

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