Video Production

Educational Videos for Law Firms and Attorneys

Attorney videos can make a great website exceptional. When people search the internet for relevant legal information, they are faced with an overwhelming amount of content to sift through before finding quality and correct information. Accel Marketing believes that providing an abundance of excellent material through written word and videos helps establish a law firm as a trusted source for information, building online confidence and search engine rankings. While other marketing companies sell packages for video shoots, Accel Marketing provides professional, personalized attorney video production with no extra charge to clients. We believe that a website’s success depends on utilizing all tools, not just the one’s attorneys are willing to pay for. To find out more about our educational attorney video production, contact Accel Marketing for a consultation.

Why do attorney videos matter?

Attorney videos are a great way to further forge a connection with potential clients. The popular saying “straight from the horse’s mouth” rings true when it comes to attorney websites. An abundance of well-written content can be a powerful tool for a website’s success. When prospective clients watch a video of a legal professional providing quality answers to relevant questions, an already wonderful website can shine as a beacon of integrity. Accel Marketing deeply believes in the power of educational content and our videos further the commitment to that belief.

Guidance through the process

Our video production team starts the process with video shoot preparation. We will discuss every step with the firm and help them pick topics to discuss on camera. To make the process as convenient as possible,  Accel’s video production crew will bring the shoot to the client, filming on-site at the client’s office. Through the shoot, we provide:

  • A professional camera crew and equipment
  • Professional lighting and sound
  • A Teleprompter (when requested)
  • Script direction

After a few hours of work, the law firm will be equipped with a multitude of videos to use on the website, adding to the abundance of educational content.  Our team will edit the videos and construct a customized YouTube channel that features the attorneys doing what they do best; talking about the law.

Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Accel Marketing has always provided professional video production to help clients succeed. Our team believes that the more content available to website visitors, the better our sites function and we are proven right every time. Educational attorney videos retain visitors’ attention, forge personal connections and establish a website as a trusted source of information. With a sharp website, an abundance of content and the proper SEO tools, a website can climb in search engine rankings and gain more clients. Contact the experts at Accel Marketing Solutions.