Video Production

Producing Educational Videos for Law Firms

Choosing an attorney is no easy decision for a person in need of strong legal representation. When a person searches for an attorney online, they are going to be inundated with a list of names that mean very little to them at first. However, if the attorney has educational videos on his or her website, it may assist the potential client in making their decision. Educational videos can provide potential clients with an idea of an attorney’s legal understanding, a snapshot of their personality, and allows them to be more educated about their legal matter even before they step foot into an office.

Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. makes it easy for attorneys and firms to have a video library of short, informative videos that can help convert educated viewers into clients. We film, produce, edit, organize, and post our attorney videos to YouTube as well as to their website. Our firm will create custom firm overview videos that help capture the message of the firm, the services they provide, and answers the questions visitors may have.

Now more than ever, consumers want to visit interactive websites. Videos can help keep a potential client on a website longer and provide them with information that motivates them to come in for a consultation. Having an informed client can make for a better attorney-client relationship down the road. Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. 

Educational Video Shoot

When it comes time to film your educational legal videos, our firm makes it a point to help the attorneys feel as comfortable and as prepared as possible. Some attorneys have initial reservations about being on camera, but they come to find that these educational videos really help their business grow. Our firm works with law firms to formulate some of the questions you most often receive from current and potential clients. We understand the law and know what questions people are searching for when they turn to the Internet for legal guidance. Having the most often-searched information in an educational video readily available can drive traffic to the site and as a result, bring the law firm new business.

Custom Firm Overview Videos

Our firm creates completely customized overview videos to showcase law firms. Some attorneys want to display their awards and accolades while others may want their videos to focus on the people that make their business so successful. We tailor these videos to the firm’s specific requests to help them send potential clients the message that the firm can provide them with superior legal representation.


The video production team at Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. uses cutting-edge technology to create educational videos and custom firm overview videos that will help set your legal services apart from the rest.

Our video production services include:

  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Scripting and voice over
  • Custom music
  • Custom graphics

Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.

The right videos can make a huge difference for a law firm’s online success. If you have questions regarding the video production services our firm provides and how these educational videos can help your business succeed, contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.