Law Firm Content Syndication

Content Syndication for Law Firm Websites

Building a website with quality, educational content is just a piece of the puzzle for success. Search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing rank a website by the content. Namely the amount, quality, originality, and regular addition of relevant content. Though our content pages do much of the heavy lifting, we are always adding new content through blogs and adjusting content to meet the standards of a high-ranking website. Enhancing an already successful strategy is our use of content syndication. Content syndication is a powerful tool for SEO. Pushing new material out to a broader audience is a great way to build confidence in a law firm’s website as a trusted authority on a subject. To find out more, contact Accel Marketing for a consultation.

What is content syndication?

As part of our services, Accel Marketing is always adding fresh content to our websites. While fresh content is great for search engine rankings, the syndication of original, educational content helps a website improve traffic, leading to more visibility on search engines. Tapping a larger audience through social media platforms, including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter allows our law firms to benefit from word of mouth. Social Media is quickly becoming the quickest and most effective exchange of information. As content is added to the site, we syndicate the information to platforms where people can exchange this information, leading to more potential clients.

Does content syndication work?

Harnessing the power of social media platforms works. When a person likes or shares a law firm’s content, he or she is providing a personal recommendation that is more powerful than an advertisement. As more information goes out to the masses, more information is exchanged. When that content is useful to the viewer, the website that provided the information quickly becomes a trusted source on a specific topic. Over time, a trusted website gets more and more traffic, leading to greater visibility and more clients.

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Our job is never done and we like it that way. Our team is always creating and syndicating new content to millions of people. In a world of misinformation and clickbait, being a source of quality, educational content only improves a site’s functionality. As we say, a website shouldn’t just look pretty, it has a job to do. Our sites are always working to build online confidence in a law firm. If you need a marketing group that never stops working on your image, contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. for a free website evaluation.