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Marketing is always changing. Attorney and law firm marketing has become increasingly Internet-based. Internet marketing is easily the most powerful channel to increase clients. Unfortunately, the number of competitors and distractions make marketing a difficult job for many. Having the right Search Engine Optimization Strategy is critical to success and good search results. Visibility is the key. A website that is on page 10 is practically a needle in a haystack. Having the right SEO team can increase visibility, increase traffic to a website and increase client conversion. Accel Marketing understands the ever-changing rules a website must abide by to succeed online. Many marketing companies build websites and leave them to collect dust. Accel Marketing builds websites to succeed. Our websites have lasting impressions on search engines and that is thanks to our unyielding dedication to our clients’ SEO. Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. to discuss your website and learn more about our services.

Important facts about SEO

Most people do not get past page 2 of search results when picking a service or product. Law firms are no exception to the rule. When a person searches for a law firm online, he or she will pick from one of many on the first or second page. There are many factors that impact SEO, including:

  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Links
  • Listings

We are always exploring how to use these key factors to better our websites. We focus on:

  • On-Site SEO: With quality content, the utilization of keywords, and the syndication of content to social media platforms, website traffic can increase, leading to better ranking and more clients.
  • Off-Site SEO: Ensuring that links on other websites direct traffic to our clients is critical to success.
  • Local Listings: Ensuring that information on directories and listings is consistent can build confidence, traffic, search engine rankings and potential clients.

SEO is never finished

Though this seems simple enough, an SEO specialist’s job is never done. Search engines continuously change the rules of the game and most marketing companies just can’t keep up and their clients suffer. Accel Marketing’s SEO team is always adjusting websites to optimize visibility and satisfy search engines. Our team is constantly monitoring site traffic and conversion rates. If something needs to change, our team quickly acts.

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SEO is a powerful tool for online visibility. Knowing when and where to adjust for better search engine rankings is one of the many exceptional talents of our SEO specialists. If your website looks pretty on page 8, it is not doing what it should be for your company. Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. for a free website evaluation.