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Quality Content Writing for Attorneys & Law Firms

Developing quality content for law firms is one of the most challenging aspects for most marketing companies. Many marketing companies have copywriters with no knowledge of the law and their content suffers from it. Their websites have generic content that doesn’t engage or educate the reader, motivating them to stay on the site to search for more information.

The team at Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. understands that fresh content is not enough for our clients. Our focus on the law sets us apart from the competition. When law firms look for marketing teams that offer original content, they need potential clients to be motivated to explore the website and look for more relevant material. Accel Marketing employs attorneys and other legal professionals that are knowledgeable in all areas of law. Writing about the law with a focus on educating visitors has helped our websites succeed where others fail. To discuss your content strategy, contact Accel Marketing.

An education-based approach leads to quality clients

The best way of acquiring new clients is by educating them. Our approach to content development is based on the principle of education-based marketing optimized for search engine visibility as well as client conversion. Accel Marketing Solutions knows what helps clients dominate search engines. Our expert writers keep your website fresh by consistently updating information and blogging for you on a regular basis. When potential clients see relevant, accurate, and engaging information on a law firm website, their action benefits search engine optimization and conversion.

Showcasing your personality and expertise

Another way our material helps our customers succeed is the ability for website visitors to become familiar with the featured attorney or law firm. Through our videos and on-page relevant content, visitors can forge a connection, leading to conversion.

Content written for Search Engines

Our educational approach to content is enhanced by our SEO techniques. Every page is analyzed and edited to increase organic traffic to your site without keyword stuffing and without sacrificing quality. Our pages are constructed to best serve the viewer and best serve your website.

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Content writing comes naturally to our team. We have written content for every law practice in states across the country. Accel Marketing’s educational approach sets us apart from our competition. Though other marketing firms promise engaging content, we deliver. Contact Accel Marketing for a consultation today.