Law Firm Blogging Services

Legal Blogging & Syndication for Attorneys & Law Firms

Blogs are fresh content consistently added to your website and syndicated to social media with the purpose of increasing traffic and optimizing search engine rankings. People are constantly looking for answers to legal questions online. Through blogging and syndication, Accel Marketing provides your clients with relevant, up-to-date information. Furthermore, our focus on state-specific legal issues puts us far ahead of the pack.

Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. writes, posts, and syndicates blog content regularly on behalf of our law firm clients. Your law blogs are written with an expert precision that strikes the right balance between “legalese” and consumer readability.

Most law firms do not consistently blog for 3 reasons:

  • They don’t have the time
  • They don’t know what to blog about
  • They don’t know how to syndicate the content

With our help, lawyers can focus on practicing the law. Contact Accel Marketing to discuss your marketing needs.

Why is blogging important?

The team at Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. believes that regularly showcasing our law firm client’s personality, experience, and expertise through blogging allows potential clients to engage themselves in a website featuring a law firm that cares about educating the public and demonstrates a commitment to providing quality legal services. Furthermore, a unique, well-written blog can build the credibility of a law firm’s website as a source for factual, relevant legal information. This allows you to position yourself as a voice of experience and knowledge with each post.

Why does blogging work? 

It’s no secret: blogging works. But why? Educational blogs help a law firm make a connection to a prospective client in a personal way. While the client reads an informative blog post, they are able to get to know the personality of the law firm while appreciating their need for legal representation. Furthermore, blogging is a great way for your law firm to educate the public on upcoming changes to the law, positioning itself as a guide for present and future legal issues.

What is blog syndication?

To enhance the optimization of your website, Accel Marketing syndicates blogs and firm announcements to social media. Utilizing social media platforms, including Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, blogs can help your firm’s voice and message reach a much larger audience searching online for content that answers their legal questions. When your blogs reach social media, traffic to your site increases, enhancing SEO, leading to more clients.

Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Accel Marketing Solutions writes educational blogs about relevant topics that people search for. Often, other marketing teams write blogs about the news story of the day, only to be buried in the pile of links on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. By talking about interesting, engaging topics focused on state law, our blogs reach far more people than ones written by other companies. If you would like to know more about our services, contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. for a consultation.