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Law Firm Website Content Writing Services

Writing content for websites is difficult for many marketing firms. Many fall short because their content writers are not legal professionals and only write advertisements that fill a page. Writing this “shallow” content only goes so far. In the interim, content is content. Over time, content that lacks substance can hurt a website. Writing weak content can raise the bounce rate of a website, hurting SEO. Simply put, people who click on a website only to find little or no information will “bounce” off the site to another one that can answer their questions. The more people “bounce,” the lower the ranking. Understanding why this is, Accel Marketing has always focused on providing content that answers questions and leaves the visitor satisfied. Our bounce rates are extremely low because we are not tricking visitors. When they visit our sites, they are welcomed by an abundance of excellent information across a multitude of mediums. Our content writers are legal professionals who understand the law and know how to pass that information on through well-written, digestible content. Putting in the hard work helps our website succeed where others cannot. We are focused on the future and it works. Contact Accel Marketing to schedule a free website evaluation.

Our approach to content writing

Accel Marketing’s team of legal professional content writers know how to make content that speaks to the viewer. Avoiding legalese and providing answers helps clients trust in the firm as a source of good information. With state-specific, educational content, search engine rankings organically grow as more and more people look to the website as a trusted name in a specific law practice.

Educational blogs and content syndication

To further the commitment to our website’s success, Accel Marketing’s professional legal writers are always developing educational content through blogs and syndicating them out to social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Search engine rankings depend on a website’s content and production of new content. When a website lays dormant, it suffers in search engine rankings. By regularly producing content on a website and syndicating that content for others to share, a website can organically rise in rankings and be successful.

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Writing quality content takes effort. Accel Marketing’s team of professional legal writers pride themselves on content that provides a learning opportunity to prospective law firm clients. When visitors are engaged in reading relevant content, a website can shine. If you want to learn more, contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.