Rhode Island Attorney Advertising Rules

Rhode Island Attorney Advertising Rules

Attorney Advertising Rules in Rhode Island

In today’s day and age, online advertising is essential to every industry. Law firms and individual attorneys are not excluded from this necessary task. The difference between advertising for other businesses and advertising for a law firm is that there are specific advertising rules that these firms must abide by in order to ensure they are not in violation of the Rhode Island Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. At Accel Marketing Solutions, we take pride in making sure our clients are in compliance with all requirements set forth by the bar. To learn how we can help your law firm thrive online, contact Accel Marketing Solutions today.

Should My Website Have A Disclaimer?

Your website should not be a liability to you or your practice. With this in mind, it is important to have a disclaimer in the foot of your website or featured as a link on each page. This disclaimer should state the limitations of any claims made on your website, including that any content on your website should not be construed as legal advice, and simply reading the information or filling out a contact form with your firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

Understanding Rhode Island’s Advertising Rules

The Rhode Island Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct require that attorneys and law firms maintain their ethics throughout the course of any advertising publications dispersed by the firm. Some of the various rules that are necessary to be mindful of include the following:

  • When a lawyer communicates about his or her services, he or she must not make any statements that could be interpreted as misleading or simply untrue [Rule 7.1, Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services]
  • Law firms must send a copy of each published advertisement to the Supreme Court Disciplinary Counsel either before or no later than 48 hours of the dissemination and a copy of the ad must be kept for at least 3 years after the last dissemination [Rule 7.2, Advertising]
  • The name and office address of at least one of the attorneys responsible for an advertisement must be included with any advertising communication [Rule 7.2, Advertising]
  • If a law firm refers some of its cases out to be handled by another firm, it must clearly state this in any advertising communication that is disseminated to the public [Rule 7.2, Advertising]
  • Any communications that aim to solicit potential clients must include the words, “Advertising Material” on the outside of the envelope or at the beginning and end of any recorded ad [Rule 7.3, Direct Contact With Prospective Clients]
  • While attorneys in Rhode Island are permitted to state that they practice specific areas of law more than others, they are not permitted to claim that they are a specialist or expert of any practice area [Rule 7.4]

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