Providence Law Firm Marketing

Providence Law Firm Marketing

Legal Marketing Company in Providence, Rhode Island

Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. is far more than another marketing company. To start, we do not succeed unless you do. When you partner with us, we will dedicate years of experience in the field to ensure your firm has a truly dominating online presence. A solid online marketing campaign is more important now than ever, and we are ready to provide you with everything you need to be a successful law firm in the digital age. There are over 4,000 resident active attorneys throughout the state of Rhode Island, which is why you need a marketing campaign that can truly distinguish you among them. For excellent customer service and proven results from a marketing team you can count on, contact Accel Marketing Solutions today.

How Can We Help You?

Accel Marketing Solutions offers several marketing services to ensure your law firm truly thrives in the digital age. We will handle all aspects of your online marketing campaign, including the following:

  • Website design: Our website developers pride themselves in designing unique, mobile-friendly websites, optimizing your online visibility, and showcasing your firm’s personality and strengths.
  • SEO: Our SEO specialists create individualized strategies based on your firm’s needs in conjunction with the rules provided by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As your needs change, so will your website.
  • Educational legal content: Our writers consistently craft educational, easily-digestible, and state-specific content for prospective clients seeking legal assistance.
  • Video production: Our video production team consistently produces high-quality videos with educational content featuring your legal expertise, while simultaneously increasing search engine rankings. When clients know that you are truly knowledgeable in your field and can answer their pressing legal questions, they are all the more likely to choose you to represent them in their time of need
  • Social media: With billions of people on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin, these platforms are essential to your marketing program. We ensure anything posted on your website reaches all those on social media who need legal assistance.
  • Pay Per Click: Accel’s experience with pay per click campaigns goes unmatched. Because of this, we can develop effective campaigns that optimize your return on investment.
  • Reputation management: Negative online reviews can tarnish the good name of your law firm. Fortunately, we have the tools needed to mitigate the impact of these negative reviews to maintain your reputation and ensure your business continues to thrive.
  • Live chat: Our custom chat boxes allow your potential clients to chat with a representative of your website 24/7 so that you never miss an opportunity.

Our Work

At Accel Marketing Solutions, our end goal is to create an engaging online presence that illustrates your law firm’s personality and clearly communicates your strengths. First impressions are key, and prospective clients want to see a user-friendly website that yields educational information that can help their case. We do this through the written word, informative videos, and more. When you hire us, we will ensure that your website becomes a trusted legal resource, paving the way for your success.

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Are You Ready For A Difference?

Throughout the United States, law firms just like yours are reaching their greatest potential with the help of Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. We take pride in what we do. Instead of listening to us, take it from a handful of our happy client base. When you’re ready for the right team, we are ready to help!

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We could not be more satisfied with the beautiful design and functionality of our website designed by Accel.

I see my name appearing more often on the 1st page of Google, and clients are calling.

I have worked with Accel for almost two years and my business increased tenfold.

We have gotten more calls than we ever expected so it’s been a great, great experience.

Accel Marketing has given me the freedom to practice law while at the same time, getting myself out there on the web.

I started using Accel Marketing for my law firm website about ten months ago and the results have been outstanding.

My experience and results with Accel have been very positive and quite frankly a pleasure.

Why Choose Accel Marketing Solutions?

  • We are exclusive to law firms and attorneys.
  • We constantly adapt our formula as Google search engine algorithms change.
  • We create and maintain superior website performance.
  • We employ successful marketing programs based on years of A/B testing.
  • We comply with your state’s bar rules for advertising
  • We apply best practices for UX and UI.
  • We offer clients responsive, modern designs.
  • We provide state-specific educational content.
  • We have spectacular, lightning-fast customer service.

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