Montana Attorney Advertising Rules

Montana Attorney Advertising Rules

Attorney Advertising Rules in Montana

Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. is a fast-growing digital marketing company, and for good reason–we take a comprehensive approach to online marketing that sets us apart from all others in the competition. When you partner with us, you, too, will separate your law firm from the competition, and clients will understand why you are their best option when they are facing critical legal issues. Part of what helps our team ensure your success is that despite our robust marketing strategies, we fully comply with all rules set out by the Montana Bar so your campaign is never hindered by accidental violations of the rules. Continue reading and contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. to learn more about the steps our team will take to protect your firm.

How Does Montana’s Rules For Professional Conduct Affect My Law Firm?

While you practice law, those who you’ve entrusted to care for your marketing efforts can quickly land you in hot water. Montana is not necessarily imposing on their rules and there are just a few that you should know. Violating these rules could get you tangled up with the Montana Bar.

Montana Rules For Professional Conduct

Below, we have provided a very brief outline of some of the Rules for Professional Conduct regarding attorney advertising in Montana. These are some of the guidelines that we are always sure to follow when crafting your website and conducting your online marketing campaign:

  • Rule 7.1 states that attorneys in Montana must never make any untruthful, deceptive, or misleading statements about their services.
  • Rule 7.2 in Montana states that attorneys may advertise their services through any media, however, attorneys are also prohibited from giving anything of value, or promising anything of value, to clients or individuals recommending their services.
  • Additionally, Rule 7.2 states that attorneys are prohibited from stating, or even implying, that they are experts or specialists in any field of law unless that attorney meets various very specific qualifications.

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